Sunday, August 11

Because I CAN

So, long time no see, AGAIN. Oh what a surprise, I'm writing in English, that's right. You might be surprised how bad I can be in grammar, but who cares I do what I want here and today I'm feeling English'y! And yeah, nobody cares, because NOBODY REAAADS. Maybe someday I will put here some content that will be interesting or practical or something that normal people put on their blogs, and normal people read you know. But god bless ya' if you still with me!

So I decided to make this space little bit diferent, change something, get rid of something, I am going for a SPRING CLEAN, or is it spring break... whatever, from now it's spring clean. (I know it's summer) I'm thinking about name change, diferent URL, design. Old blog was about... I will write stuff that other people write, that stuff that others can do GOOD but I suck at it, from now I will write what I want. I'll try to be more... me :) Not for somebody, but for myself, for fun.

Looking forward to see what the heck' will turn out of this.

C' ya!

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